Professional Audit Expander™ v4.0

pae-v4Nowadays, more and more, companies store and share their ability and business information on Microsoft© Windows servers. More than ever, they must permanently control their infrastructures and especially the security of their systems and networks. It is essential to:

  • Control the management of the access rights to critical information
  • Detect and rectify easily the access inconsistencies
  • Control the content and size of the information
  • Have a complete audit of the systems and networks

Professional Audit Expander™ (PAE) is a powerful tool designed to analyse and audit the security and the configuration of your entire Microsoft© Windows NT/2000/2003/XP networks.

  • Security Expander for system permissions (per users ou user groups) on files, folders, LDAP objects and registries per users or per group. It’s also for size and disk occupation on files and folders with explicit graphical charts
  • Domain Expander for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP domains inventory and reporting
  • WMI Expander for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP WMI (hardware and software) inventory and reporting

Professional Audit Expander is the only solution that allows you to :

  • View, analyse and report on the system security (NTFS, audit and ownership) including security inconsistency, direct differences, changes through time, inheritance, group and user effective rights
  • View the files and folders size and disk occupation
  • View, analyse, monitor, inventory and report in real time on all the systems and network configurations

Let WinSysBee Professional Audit Expander help you to guarantee the success of :

  • Your server and desktop migration projects
  • Your audit and consulting missions
  • The reinforcement of your security strategy
  • The optimization of your system and network productivity

Example : With Professional Audit Expander, prepare your server and desktop migrations with the necessary hardware and software inventories including the disk occupation for the transfer time. Audit your resources to learn about the access rights on the folders, printers and services.